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President Franklin D. Roosevelt
"Franklin’s illness proved a blessing in disguise, for it gave him strength and courage he had not had before. He had to think out the fundamentals of living and learn the greatest of all lessons-infinite patience and never-ending persistence.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt~

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Short Story from a Polio Survivor
Kathy made a post on a FaceBook Post-Polio Support Group. I was so impressed I asked her permission to publish it here on Polio Survivors in the 21st Century and was relieved she gave her approval. I hope as you read her story you will visualize it with a positive and uplifting spirit. It is this high spirit,  we as polio survivors, have viewed our lives.
Thank you Kathy for your permission to share this with the visitors of this website.
Excerpt From Wikipedia: "Mr. Sandman" (sometimes rendered as "Mister Sandman") is a popular song written by Pat Ballard which was published in 1954 and first recorded in May of that year by Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra and later that same year by the Chordettes. 
"Mr. Sandman"
By Kathy Fezza Galletly
Little something I wrote about my introduction into the world of polio.
Mr. Sandman bring me a dream make him the cutest that I've ever seen.
Give him two lips like roses in clover then tell him that his lonely nights are over.”
What bittersweet memories that song brings back to me.
When I was a small child, we didn't have much money so the day my father came home with a used record player and a smoking jacket that was given to him by a friend was a huge event. What a treasure we thought we had. When daddy put the record player on the kitchen table my brother Jeff and I sat and stared at it with amazement. We couldn't believe our eyes. My mom stopped making dinner and sat next to us and stared in disbelief. “Guess what else I have” as he handed my mother the bag “A brand new record, a happy, fun record one we could dance to”
Every night after dinner we would eagerly wait for Daddy to put on his smoking jacket. What a smoking jacket that was! It was black silk with gold swirled embroidery throughout the jacket; it had a black belt which tied around his waist and a pocket that held his pack of Camels. My Mom had said it gave him an air of refinement. Once he put on his smoking jacket he then walked over to the record player and turned it on, then he would grab my Mom and dance with her while I danced with Jeff. We would switch partners, I would stand on Daddy’s feet as he would swirl me around the room. What fun, what laughter. This went on for weeks, every night after dinner until one night when Daddy went to dance with me my Mom told him to be very careful I had been complaining that my neck and head hurt
Little did we know there was an invisible dancing partner lurking in our apartment, it was a cruel and crippling dancing partner who chose mostly children to dance with. Its name was Polio.
YouTubes regarding information on Post-Polio Syndrome.
  • You Tube 1: Dr. Richard L. Bruno discusses the ten commandments for post-polio survivors and post-polio syndrome.
  • You Tube 2:  Dr. Stephen de Graaff answers questions about post-polio and post-polio syndrome (PPS).
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May 14, 2016
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I have to start out by saying I am deeply sorry for not keeping this site up to date. I just turned 60 this past January and I suppose getting older has slowed me down even more. Physically, as I say, age is catching up with me but I am happy to report the symptoms of the PPS seems to have come to a halt for now as I haven't had any serious falls.
I am going to try and work on this site off and on for the next few days to try and bring some updates on the topic of polio. When you visit be sure to refresh this page each time since I will likely be making changes to this website.
Thank you Sincerely for visiting!
James Davis
Creator and Editor of "Polio Survivors in the 21st Century"
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Helpful Post-Polio Resources
Below are links to websites with information regarding Post-Polio Syndrome. If you know of additional resources I hope you will let me know.
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
The Free Encyclopedia
The Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists
Article  published September 2005

Permission Granted
Posted on May 10, 2013 - If you can help her in her mission, please email me with whatever information you can provide and I will forward it to her.
Karen's Email: 
"I am on a mission! My husband contracted polio when he was 2 y.o., in 1955. He spent a great deal of time at the Shriners Hospital in Shreveport, having 3 surgical procedures and months of in-hospital time. His last stay there was when he was 15/16, around 1968/69, when he had a surgery to elongate his hip muscles and give him more mobility in his right leg (where the polio had attacked). His name is Stephen White.
As he grows older, he continues to express a deep desire to reconnect with the friends that he made during his stays at Shriners, especially his last one. I have tried social media, but have had no luck making contact with anyone. I have sent requests to Shriners, but no response. Steve will never forget their faces and their first names, but without a last name, I have no way of trying to find these people."
Can you help? Is there a site that you know of where you can post who you’re looking for and share your info?
Thank you so much for your time and assistance,
Karen White
Permission Granted
Dear Sir,
I just wrote a poem titled as Polio and want to share it with you.
My Poem “Polio” depicts the voice of Polio Survivors, who is facing countless difficulties in all walks of life.
Let's wipe out polio together and support every polio victim for a better tomorrow. Though, the best way to escape polio is to get Polio drops.
We want a polio-free World.
Best Regards,
Aymen Zaheer
The Post-Polio Institute and
International Centre for Polio Education
Dr. Richard L. Bruno website states.......
"For almost thirty years, Dr. Richard L. Bruno has studied and treated nearly 6,000 polio survivors and is the world's leading expert on Post-Polio Sequela (PPS)."
Personal Opinion: Dr. Richard Bruno, as far as I know, could very well be the last remaining advocate for today's Survivors of Polio. It was his hard work that helped pass an SSDI Rule to allow Polio Survivors to become eligable for Disability on a much faster basis. His contribution to Polio Survivors is so much I doubt it could all be listed. He actively maintains the "International Centre For Polio Education" and likely answers thousands of emails from Polio Survivors. I would have to say there are two men I admire greatly for their support for victims of the Polio Virus and that is President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Richard L. Bruno.
I highly recommend Dr. Bruno's book, "The Polio Paradox" to ALL polio survivors and or people who have family members and friends who were affected by one of the three types of polio. Medical professionals, Medical Universities, etc should read this book to give them a better understanding of this virus and how to treat baby boomers for PPS.
Click the book below and it will take you to Amazon dot com giving you more detail. You can purchase either the hardback,  paperback or a Kindle e-book version. It would be a great resource for family members, friends of polio survivors and medical professionals. Please take a minute to read Amazon's reviews as it appears some people found the book helpful others did not. As I said, personally for me it was very helpful in understanding how polio virus was selective when it affected certain body parts. Also, how the neurons (damaged and over used) eventually came to help cause PPS in later years.
The "Polio Survivors Handbook" ebook has the
suggested donation amount of $5.50 .
If interested please click here or the book to your left to be taken to
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a paid ad nor was it requested by anyone associated with the above/below mentioned websites. This is only for information purposes based on the editor's (James Davis) personal experience with the helpfulness of this (these) product(s).
Below Excerpt From International Centre for Polio Education:
Did you miss Dr. Bruno’s Polio Paradox lecture during his book tour? If you heard him, would you like a reminder?
In 75 fascinating and often funny minutes Dr. Bruno discusses, in his own inimitable style, his best-selling book, The Polio Paradox, describing the cause, diagnosis and treatment of Post-Polio Sequelae and the remarkable historical and physiological relationships between the polio epidemics, the polio viruses, "polio-like" viruses (like Enterovirus 68) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis plus fibromyalgia, including:
•  How you got polio.
•  What polio did to your brain, your body…and your mind.
•  Did “Baby Boomers” who have CFS/ME today actually have PPS?
•  Did the polio virus or polio vaccine cause CFS/ME?
...and of course finishing with "The Golden Rule.”
Enjoy this companion to The Polio Paradox while you support, with your tax deductible donation to the International Centre for Polio Education, their world-wide work of educating about the need for continued polio vaccination and about the needs, cause and treatment of Post-Polio Sequelae.
PolioToday.org is constantly updated and appears to have many members....including me!
My personal advise is this site is a must for all Polio Survivors!
As survivors we are fortunate PolioToday.org was created for our benefit.
PolioToday.org is published by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The website is designed to raise awareness of post-polio syndrome and to be a resource for polio survivors. Dr. Jonas Salk, who developed the first safe and effective polio vaccine, founded the Salk Institute in 1960. (Description from PolioToday.org)
Video shared from You Tube on January 10, 2015
Visit PolioToday.org to see more video's of life stories from polio survivors.
If you know of sites like Polio Today please let me know so I can share the link with other Survivors.
If you want to know more about me and my occasional thoughts feel free to visit my blog. Currently due to the time I am spending working on this site I have not updated my Blog in awhile.
Content of the blog is considered a personal journal with content to possibly help/inform others.
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"Polio Survivors in the 21st Century" was created and is maintained by James Davis, a survivor of polio. Stricken at age three and a half in October 1959, in Northeast Georgia, United States of America and treated at The Warm Springs Foundation Hospital for three months. The residuals resulted in severe atrophy of the legs and required lifetime use of full length Kafo Leg Braces. The PPS and the aging process is now causing debilitating physical problems from the neck down and has triggered mental and psychological issues forcing early retirement.

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